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Live Life Services runs a social group every week on a Tuesday night. This group gives our service users the chance to meet up, socialise and make new friends. We meet up somewhere different every week, at restaurants, pubs and many more places in and around the Teesside area. We also do different activites including football, bubble football, rounders, kung fu sessions and more. We meet up in the community to allow our service users to develop new skills, meet new people and give them more confidence.

We have recently started a group take-over initiative where the group's service users can decide the activities for each month by planning and organising each activity. This allows the service users to gain more confidence and develop socially.

This is a list of current social group activities:


March 2016:

1st - Jump 360, Portrack Lane, Stockton

8th - Nandos & Doc Browns, Middlesbrough

15th - Jolsha & Rudds Arms, Marton

22nd - Laser Quest (Planet Leisure, Newton Aycliffe)

29th - Purple Pig & Pub, Middlesbrough

April 2016:

5th - Frankie & Bennies, Teesside Park

12th - Bowling, Teesside Park

19th - Games Night / Barbecue, Billingham

26th - Carpaccios Restaurant, Stockton


May 2016:

3rd - Cooking Session
10th - Football Session & McDonald's
17th - Fellini's Italian Restaurant
24th - Room 21, Stockton
31st - Toby Carvery, Middlesbrough


"Before I joined Live Life Services I never had a social life and didn't go out much. However since joining the group it has changed my life for the better, I have developed many social skills and am now more confident. I have made many new friends since joining the group and I am very grateful to all of the team at Live Life Services for this." - Jack Bromby

"When I first joined the group, I was kind of quiet and didn't tend to speak to others much, as I was unsure to other people's responses. However, as the weeks progressed, I became more comfortable within certain situations, even when times may have been awkward. I got through these by using the support of the group as a whole, whether they were staff or one of us. At first, I did find it difficult to make friends within the group, due to, again, being uncertain of their responses, but over time, I got used to each and every one of them, and had a great laugh. Lastly, this group has helped through very difficult times, and with their support, I have managed to enjoy myself whenever I'm with the group. Great people and a great group, we'll make it continue." - J.R.

"Through Live Life Services i have been able to meet a lot of new people, make new friends and go to new places and do activities that I would never have done before. Live Life Services has made this all possible and I believe I'm better for it." - E.T.

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